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Does The Loch Ness Monster Have A Cousin? A Mysterious Sea Creature Was Seen In Alaska

Spooky things seem to always happen in October. In the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska something was in the water that was more than a little bit creepy. Craig McCaa and Ryan Delany filmed a strange "thing" in the river when they noticed it slithering along. It appears to have a long, snake like body with with white marks, or maybe ice frozen on top. At one point it kind of tilts and it almost looks there is something - maybe a fin - one it's side.

The Bureau of Land Management is not telling us what this "strange" thing is, and instead asking their followers to guess what it is. They added a little bit of spooky music for effect, but they claim that the video is not Photoshopped.

Maybe one day the resource agency will let us know what it was, but for now we can just watch the video and try to figure it out ourselves.

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