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London Zoo Put On Lockdown After Gorilla Escapes His Pen

The London Zoo was put into a lockdown on Thursday after Kumbuka the gorilla escaped from his pen. It has been speculated that the gorilla managed to get out when the cage door was left open. An investigation has been launched to see how something like this could have happened. The zoo isn't speaking out on how exactly the escape was able to happen but they have said he did not break anything to get out.

"He did not smash glass to get out of his area. He got out of his back den area into a secure keeper area," Malcom Fitzpatrick, curator of mammals at the London Zoo

The zoo has called Kumbuka a "gentle giant" who is highly intelligent. However an unnamed zoo worker was less enthusiastic about the ape, calling him a "psycho" who would attack the glass. But luckily the visitors were never in any danger. After the gorilla had escaped all guests at the zoo were sent to a building to remain indoors until he was returned to his pen. Although there was no risk that he would hurt any one because he was just in the keeper area.  

"Our gorilla got out of his den area into a secure keeper area. Our staff were able to respond quickly. Kumbuka was tranquillised and returned safely to his den." Malcolm Fitzpatrick

The incident has caused the Born Free Foundation to once again call into question the need for these zoos.

"While we are relieved that this incident apparently ended without injury to visitors or to the gorilla, it is yet another startling reminder of the risks associated with maintaining dangerous wild animals in captivity. - The Born Free Foundation

Kumbuka was returned to his den after being tranquilized and is safe and happy back with his family.

What do you think, should zoos be phased out and should there be harsher penalties for attractions that are not secure?

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