Lonely Man Posted An Ad For A Fishing Partner, Didn't Expect To Get Hundreds Of Responses

When Ray Johnstone posted an ad for a "fishing mate" on Gumtree.com last week, he was just hoping to find someone to pass the time with.

Ray loves fishing, but he hadn't done much since his wife and best friend died years ago.

"It gets a bit lonely sitting around watching TV most of the time," he told 7 News, so he posted his ad online hoping to get out of the house more often. In the description, he says he's willing to split the costs for gas and bait, and gives his number so people can arrange a meeting to "see if we could get along with each other."

People fell in love with his charming ad, including how he listed himself as "used," and began sharing the posting online.

Ray's ad.

Since he posted his listing last week, Ray's ad has been seen more than 80,000 times, and he's received hundreds of offers from across Australia.

People even spread his touching story on Twitter using using the hashtag #IllFishWithRay, offering encouragement and helping to find a friend for Ray.

A group of good samaritans who run a fishing club have even started a GoFundMe page, raising money so Ray can take a trip to the East coast.

Until then, Ray will be able to go fishing a little closer to home. He announced this week that he's found someone "reasonably local" to go fishing with, so he'll be meeting them soon.

Ray's children and 12 grandchildren are still alive to look after him, but nothing can replace a good fishing buddy.

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