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The Internet Is Going Wild Over This Photo Of Her Legs...What Do You See?

The black/blue/gold/white dress came first. Then it was the white/pink Kate Spade bag.

Now? It's this woman's legs.

Instagram user leonardhoespams posted this photo of her legs covered in...something...and there are arguments raging all over about what it is. Look at this picture. What do you see? [WARNING: the user includes some foul language in her caption]


           Instagram photo by hunter 🧀 • Oct 23, 2016 at 4:01pm UTC


Some people see oily, shiny legs. While others see white paint. At first glance the legs definitely appear shiny. Almost like she's dressing up to be a Barbie doll for Halloween and needs to look like plastic. Upon further inspection, it's pretty clear that she's just put paint on her legs. The evidence is laying right next to her, honestly. She's got a load of paint pens which she was clearly experimenting with.

Once you see the paint, you can't un-see it. You'll never understand how you saw oily legs in the first place.

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