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Losing Weight Can Actually Make You Hungrier

You maybe thought it was just your lack of will-power holding back your ability to stick to a diet, but apparently there is a scientific explanation as to why it is so hard to resist those food cravings. A recent study conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Health tried to figure out why restricting your calories ends up causing intense cravings for all those foods you are supposed to avoid.


Researchers wanted to rule out whether the cravings were caused by knowing you were depriving yourself of food, so they ended up giving the participants a pill that triggers weight loss without dieting. There were 150 particiapnts, some got the weight loss pill, while some were given a placebo and were tracked for 52 weeks.


What they found was that those who ended up losing weight from taking the drug actually experienced changes to their eating habits. Researchers found that for every two pounds of weight lost, the participant would eat about 100 extra calories each day.

The implication of these results suggest that the more weight you lose, the hungrier you will become. This is pretty much the exact opposite of what we want to happen! As you lose weight your body needs less calories to function properly so if you end up eating more you will actually gain weight.


The study gives a little bit of insight as to why it is so hard to maintain a diet or weight loss program over a long period of time. Apparently the second you stop your body is going to work against you! Maybe now that they have a better understanding on why diets fail so often they can find a way to make them work better.

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