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Loving Dog Walked 200 Miles To Be With The Woman Who Rescued Her

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CEN/Daily Mail

When Shavi the black mongrel was seriously injured in a hit-and-run, she crawled to the side of the road and prepared to die.  

Thankfully, two Good Samaritans spotted the poor pup and slowed down to pick her up.

The sweet dog was in extreme pain from several bad injuries, including two broken legs.

Her rescuers named her Shavi and wasted no time in launching an online appeal to find someone to nurse her back to health.

That's when Nina Baranovskaya comes into the story. The kindhearted woman offered to foster Shavi and help her to regain her motor skills.

Nina was with Shavi every step of the way - teaching her how to walk again, giving her basic commands and comforting the sweet dog when she had panic attacks from the trauma of the hit-and-run.

After Shavi had healed, Nina arranged for the rescue pup to live with a loving family about 185 miles away from her home. But just days after her adoption, the sweet dog disappeared and no one knew where she went...

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