Lucky Dog Recovers After Being Thrown From A Three Story Building

Sometimes the world is not a great place. Earlier this year two med students posted footage of what they called a prank where they threw a poor dog off of a three story building. The little dog didn't even know what was happening and is wags it's tail until the moment when the cruel man lets go. Evil doesn't always win, this lucky lady survived the fall and after two months she was ready to move on with her life.

The two individuals responsible for this cruel and disgusting act were arrested and released on a bail of £2,000. Their court case is pending regarding their animal abuse charges. In the mean time, the adorable girl who suffered a tragic event never stopped smiling. When she was found she was still wagging her tail despite suffering from pretty severe injuries including many broken bones.

This brave little girl was given the name Bhadra after the Hindu Goddess and sent to live with Karthik Dhandapani while she recovered. It was supposed to be a temporary foster situation, but the man could not resist this sweet girl's charm and she ended up finding her forever home with the caring man.

Even though his mother was originally reluctant to allow the dog to stay, Bhadra won her over.

'Even the thought of giving her away was painful. I had always wanted to have a dog but mother was not comfortable with the idea.I would bring pups and dogs for foster care and give them away after two or three weeks. But with Bhadra, there was an attachment from the beginning. She instantly won my mother's heart with her soft and loving nature.'

This speedy dog is now fully healed and spends her time chasing birds impressively quick.

'She runs so fast that I cannot stop comparing her with the legendary runner Usain Bolt. She is incredibly fast for her size and physical capacity. I admire her for her willpower and jolly nature and I'm glad she is going to be my side forever.'

We are extremely happy that this little girl received the love she deserves after being treated in a way that no living creature should be treated and hope that Bhadra enjoys her luxurious life with her new loving family.

If you want to watch the video the men who are facing charges posted it is here, but PLEASE NOTE: IT IS INCREDIBLY AWFUL, SHOCKING AND HEARTBREAKING.

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