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Could You Handle A Slice Of Mac N' Cheetos Pizza?

While almost everyone seems to be going gluten-free, Youtuber JP Lambiase has gone in a bit of a different direction. When left home alone he decides to make himself a special treat. He recently got a request to make a Mac n' Cheese pizza, but he wanted to raise the bar a little bit higher and "elevate this dish to the culinary level of Master Junk Food". His secret ingredient? Cheeto dust.


Intriguing right? He takes it one step further, with pulled pork thrown in for good measure or you know... protein?

He uses pizza crust, and then adds pulled pork instead of sauce and then tops it with the mac n' cheese. He brushes egg along the edge and sprinkles on some Cheeto dust. Because he didn't think it had enough calories, he even added on extra cheese.

At an estimated 700 calories per slice, this crazy creation was too much to handle on his own so he brought in back up.

He isn't about to eat this every day though, he knows that balance is the most important part of a diet. His Youtube channel Healthy Junk Food

"What I realized was most important about dieting and being healthy is that balance is just important if not more than sticking to a stringent diet. Now these recipes aren't necessarily healthy and aren't meant to be a new way of life; they are to calm the cravings during a cheat day or a stressful day, etc.Think of it as non-alcoholic beer."

Check out his video below, would you consider eating a Mac N' Cheetos pizza with pulled pork? I don't know if I could handle it, but it does look pretty amazing!

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