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This Rainbow Baby Picture Radiates With So Much Joy

In this stunning portrait taken by Missouri photographer, Alex Boulen at Shutter Darling Photography, LLC, six mothers stand in front of blooming rainbow smoke clouds.

Each beautiful new Mama stands in a different state of happiness - some, expectant joy, others radiate with happiness as they hold their babies and toddler in their grateful arms.

A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, still birth, neonatal death or infant loss.

Every loss of life is a heartbreaking moment for those who must endure it, but there are no words to describe what a mother and father go through with the loss of their near born, unborn or new born child.

The family must pivot from expectation to heartbreak and dealing with those two extremes takes so much emotional strength and support from each spouse, their friends and families.

Heather Terranova, the mother in the red dress commented on how precious it was to have this photograph taken:

"I'm choking back tears seeing this", she writes on Facebook, "being a part of this meant sooooo much. I can't even begin to explain. I cant thank Alex enough for doing this, speaking out for us, and creating a voice for all our loss and heartache. This gives people so much hope. "

"If you're struggling....know you are not alone. Know that there are sooooo many other people who have struggled and trudged their way through this hell of a storm. Keep faith!!! Alex, you are seriously an angel for this! This is sooooooo symbolic in a multitude of ways. Just a million times....thank you."

The moving caption on the photograph reads:

A rainbow is a promiseof sunshine after rain of calm after storms of joy after sadness of peace after pain of love after loss.

A rainbow baby is a baby born following loss. These mommas are just 6 out of the millions that experience pregnancy/infant loss every day. Some speak out. Some stay silent. Some have lost many. Some try for months or years. Some meet their sleeping angels. All loved and never forgotten.

When a new life is born into this world - after the heartbreak of tragic loss - these little babies are like the rainbow after the rain.

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