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He Was Left To Die, Brutally Nailed To The Tracks, But This Brave Puppy Survived

In 2012, at just three weeks old, Hudson the pit bull puppy and his two siblings were brutally nailed to railroad ties and left to perish in Albany, N.Y.

Although one of the puppies did not survive the trauma, Hudson and his sister pulled through minus a paw and a few toes. This was just the beginning of his story and is now a distant memory.

The beautiful, grey puppy was adopted by Richard Nash, a youth counselor, who worked closely with this trusting animal from day one. After plenty of TLC and doggy training school, Hudson grew into a handsome therapy dog.

Now he travels all across America, spreading some good, old fashioned, puppy love.

"With the abuse that happened to him, you would think that he wouldn't like people, but he just loves everybody. He just loved everybody he met," said Nash. Hudson lives with his Nash and his wife, and their two other dogs and eight cats.

Although he's missing his back, right paw, Hudson moves just as well as any average dog. He walks and runs quite comfortably on his special prosthesis.

Now he visits hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, adult day care and schools. Last year, Hudson was awarded for his good work as a Therapy Dog at the American Humane Association's 5th Annual Hero Dog Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

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