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Major Development in Case of Sister Cathy, The Nun Who 'Knew Too Much'

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The story of Sister Cathy's murder is one that we are all still left wondering about.

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a beloved nun who taught English at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore Maryland in the late '60s.

On November 7, 1969, Sister Cathy went missing. On January 3, 1970, Sister Cathy was found dead. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.


During Sister Cathy's teaching tenure at the school, two of the priests who taught there, including Father Joseph Maskell, were molesting, abusing, and raping students as well as trafficking them.

It is believed that Sister Cathy was aware of the scandal and was going to blow the whistle on Father Maskell, and this is why she was killed. But to this day there has been no conclusive explanation as to why Sister Cathy was killed or who killed her.

In 1992, Father Maskell was relieved of his duties at the school after the accusations of his sexual abuse were first made public. Teresa Lancaster, one of his alleged victims, says Sister Cathy stood up for those being abused.

“Sister Cathy went to Father Maskell on behalf of the girls who were being abused,” Lancaster said. "She confronted him and she lost her life for it."

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