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YES! You Can Have A Miniature Version Of Your Fur Baby

Water color portraits, key chain pictures and paw-print momentoes are just a few of the ways pet owners can immortalize their beloved four-legged family.

Now, thanks to the good people of Cuddle Clones in Louisville, Kentucky, pet parents can have plush versions of their fur babies!

According to their website, the founder Jennifer Graham, was heartbroken when her beloved Grate Dane Rufus passed away in November, 2009. She decided to pursue the idea of making a stuffed animal version of her beloved friend, so that she could hold on to his memory.

Since it's inception, Cuddle Clone has donated a portion of it's proceeds to a variety of animal and wildlife charities in the United States.

Check out these adorable stuffies and the pets who met their mini-mes!

Awwwwe! Sign us up!

Do you love these stuffed animals? Would you get one of your four-legged friend? Let us know in the comments below!

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