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Generous 6 Year Old Uses His "Make-A-Wish" For His Friend

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is an amazing charity that gives terminally ill children a little bit of hope and fun by helping them achieve their dreams. They will send a kid to Disney World or arrange a meeting with a super hero; whatever they can do that will give the child a bit of joy.

6-year-old Levi Mayhew is suffering from a genetic disorder on the Zellweger spectrum that prevents him from walking, talking or sitting up. His doctors don't believe he will make it past the age of eight. When he was given the opportunity to choose a wish, Levi did something incredibly generous and decided to use his wish to send his friend to Disney World instead of himself.

Emma Broyer is 10-year-old girl from his school who his mom, Rebecca Drake, says is "one of the few people who could bring him genuine joy." Since she found out about his condition she would always make time for him.

"Emma has written Levi letters of encouragement and has asked her friends to do the same." - Rebecca Drake

A surprise party was thrown to announce the generous gift Levi gave, and even at a big party Emma was there for her friend.

"[Emma] quickly came to his side, held his hand and said, 'Hi Levi! It's me, Emma! Levi was overwhelmed and crying prior to her arrival, but he calmed down as soon as he heard her voice" - Rebecca Blake

After they ate dinner they surprised Emma with the news with a T-Shirt.

"After dinner, we told Emma that we had a shirt for her. When she opened it, the words on the shirt were 'Levi wished for ME to go to Disney!!!' Levi had a coordinating shirt that said 'I wished for Emma to go to Disney!!'"

Since Levi couldn't join his friend at Disney World, Emma made herself a little mini-Levi and carried it around with her the entire trip. She took it on rides, the the beach and on the plane. Emma took photos everywhere they went and made him a scrapbook when they returned home. Levi's family is just happy they could do something to return the generosity she has shown their son.

"It felt so good to give back to this little girl. Emma has given so much to us without even realizing it. It's a very warm feeling to know that another child loves and cares so much for your child, especially while facing the challenges stacked against us." - Rebecca Blake

If you want to help other kids achieve their dreams, donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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