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Can This Tool Really Make Your Broccoli Taste Like Chocolate?

You can only eat so many pieces of broccoli before your mouth feels like a forest. We all understand veggies are good for us but they can often be boring.

So what if there was a way to make your broccoli...not taste like broccoli?

At the University of London, Professor Adrian Cheok and his team created a small device that can change the taste of your food instantly.

The Taste Buddy emits thermal and electric signals that stimulate the taste buds, turning tofu into a juicy steak or broccoli into chocolate.

Professor Adrian Cheok with the Taste Buddy, which turns bland foods into yummy treats. Source

Professor Cheok says this device could potentially save lives in the future, "by allowing people to switch to healthier food choices. Many children hate the taste of vegetables." The Taste Buddy itself is a rather small device, it's only 0.8 inches wide. However, the processor is still quite bulky. It will take some to make this product accessible to the public. For now, however, if people want to try it out they can attend The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair. The event is aimed at young people interested in science and people will be able to try the Taste Buddy for themselves.

The Taste Buddy uses a small tab connected to a processor to send signals to your taste buds, making them think you're tasting something you aren't.

Do you think you would every try a device like this? Or is it more practical to learn more creative ways to prepare vegetables? Let us know in the comments!

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