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She Thought She Had Them All, Until She Saw Something That Broke Her Heart

When a woman from Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada stepped out to her garage, she noticed a mother cat and two tiny kittens. She took the little family inside, but mother insisted on being let out again.

After begging her to open the door, the good Samaritan did as she asked and followed Mama outside. Sure enough, she emerged from the garage carrying 5 more babies - one by one.

This big family was given food and shelter, then brought to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association in British Columbia.

Rescuers report that the kittens are likely no more than four weeks old and their mother is very sweet. But, they noticed that one of the little kittens had a badly damaged leg - he was missing a foot!

"The wound has been there for a while and is infected, but with some TLC he'll hopefully be able to live a normal life," says their caretaker, Maria.

The sweet little grey kitten was named Long John Silver and gently cared for by dipping his leg in a special liquid.

Thanks to the special care that he's received, this little guy will be just fine!

Watch this wee pirate walk! Go Little Long John Silver, Go!

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