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"He Wouldn't Leaf" - Man Arrested For Blocking Traffic While Dressed Like A Tree

Asher Woodworth was arrested after he was found standing in the middle of the road dressed like a tree. That is such a weird sentence. The police originally thought that it was an art project, but he was holding up traffic so he needed to be moved out of the road. They found out he was trying to see how him standing in the middle of the road would "affect peoples natural choreography".

Twitter loved this story, dubbing him as "tree guy".

According to local media, Woodworth was given a warning at first and asked to get out of the road but when he refused to co-operate he was arrested for obstructing a public way. He was later released on a $60 bail. Woodworth has not spoken to the media or revealed why he wanted to dress like a tree other than the one comment of "choreography". Seems like a bit of a strange hobby, but I guess to each their own. He will now have to endure a lifetime of being called the "tree guy" and face a variety of tree related puns.



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