Do You Think It's Fair That This Man Was Banned From The Bus For Smelling Like Marijuana?

Have you ever ridden on a bus? If so, you know there is a bouquet of aromas, none of which are pleasant. The combination of body odor, baby's diapers, everyone's takeout and something that can only be described as "bus smell", it is just a genuinely gross smell. Apparently one man in Washington took that smell too far and was banned from the bus for six months because he smelled too strongly of marijuana.

Matthew Little was banned from riding the bus, or even standing near bus stops after 4 documented complaints were received by Kitsap Transit. This resulted in a letter being sent that he would be banned for "carrying the odor of marijuana on the bus, clothes, on his his person."

He is not ashamed of his marijuana use, and has the legal right to use it in the state of Washington for both medical and recreational uses. Kitsap Transit also cited Little for verbally abusing a bus driver which he says he never did.

"From time to time, I smell like I just smoked some marijuana probably because I just did." Matthew Little

The transit officials claim that the smell was so strong that it caused the bus driver to choke. While they didn't want to appear in person they sent a statement to KIRO 7 News:

"[They are] not singling out marijuana odor, but when it makes customers or drivers physically ill, it's not acceptable." Kitsap Transit's Spokesman

Little plans to appeal the ban. Check out the news video and let us know in the comments what you think. Do you think that they had the right to ban him even though marijuana smell isn't mentioned in the code of conduct?

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