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Man Builds A Sign Calling Out Local Racists

Joshua McArthur Patton has no patience for racists in his town. Or at least people he believes are racist.

Patton is a local business owner in Hapeville, Georgia who feels he was unfairly targeted because his business is made up of mostly African-Americans. He runs a local club and recently applied for his liquor license but was denied.

Patton truly believe this was a racially driven denial and he has taken the steps to call out the so-called 'racists.'

Joshua Patton and his wife, Telyncia Patton.

Joshua Patton decided to build a sign calling out all the people on the board who denied him his license.

"I've never caused the city of Hapeville no problems," explained Patton. "They've approved over 200 liquor licenses since 2000 and I'm the only one they deny." Patton says he was only able to stay open for two months after being denied his license.  

City officials are adamant there was no racial bias involved in this decisions. They claim it is strictly based on concerns of public safety, and that the ""health, safety and community would not be well-served" if Patton got a liquor license.

"This gentleman was trying to embarrass the city into giving him an alcohol license," said City Manager William Whitson. "It's unfortunate Mr. Patton has chosen to exercise his First Amendment rights in this distasteful way. But we respect his right do so."

Do you think Patton was in the right here? Let us know in the comments!

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