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He Only Paid 3% Of The Cost, But Still Walked Away With A Diamond Ring Thanks To A Typo

Nicholas Buttle is a pretty lucky man.

Actually, scratch that. Nicholas Buttle's fiancee is a pretty lucky lady.

Buttle was looking for engagement rings online when he came across one that he loved. He figured the ring was out of his price range, but still looked into it further.

Much to his surprise, the ring was only $1,110. Perfect! Nicholas placed his order online and made the full payment. He received an email with the shipping details and a confirmation number. The email also provided the ring specifications, and a guarantee that should the diamond be unavailable, a similar diamond of equal or higher grade would be offered.

Pretty standard stuff.

Later that day, Nicholas received another email from the retailer, this time telling him the diamond he chose was unavailable. Mr Buttle asked for a diamond of similar or higher grade, as mentioned on their website.

This was the company's response:

"The price for the specific diamond was not correct, due to a typing error.'Usually we would offer a diamond of a similar or higher grade, however in this instance unfortunately it won't apply. If there weren't any other diamonds which you are interested in, we can gladly refund you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

The ring Buttle had purchased was actually worth $34,429.

That sounds like a whole lot of "not my problem," figured Nicholas.

After the company refused to send Nicholas the ring, he took them to court where it was determined there was an "absolute contract of sale made between the parties... that payment for the ring had been accepted and the retailer [is] unable to avoid the agreement by virtue of its claimed mistake."

Nicholas not only got a high quality ring, but the court also ordered the company to pay for Mr. Buttle's legal fees.

The company claims this setback will force the company to close down due to the extravagant costs. They also believe that the only reason Buttle chose this ring was because he KNEW the cost was wrong and he was trying to take advantage of them. The court determined there was no evidence to support this, as he would have to be a mathematician and conduct a ton of research in order to come to that conclusion.

Hats off to Nicholas on his sweet bargain find. And hats off to his fiancee, who better not say he doesn't love her!

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