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Man Celebrates Milestone Birthday, After Doctors Said He Wouldn't Live Past 2

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When Dallan Cloward was born, the first thing his father, Chad, noticed about him was his big, beautiful blue eyes.

As a small baby, he only weighed 3.5 pounds. The only thing amiss about this newborn was his cleft lip and palate. Later the family learned that Dallan was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, which only affects about 500 people in the United States. The condition would cause delayed growth and development, which resulted in intellectual disabilities and seizures.

Dallan was giving a terminal diagnosis, doctors saying he wouldn't live past 2 years old as a result of his disability.

“I still so remember thinking, ‘I can’t get too attached because it will hurt more when we lose him,’” Chad told 12 News. “Then after a day or two of thinking that—it hit me—that if I don’t give him every ounce of love I can, I will regret that for my entire life once he passes.”

That's when Dallan defied the odds.

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