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A Russian Man Claims To See The Future, Has Surprising Prediction About The Sphinx

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Conspiracy theorists have been buzzing ever since a Russian man claimed to be born on Mars.

Boriska's claims made him a viral video star in Russia.News Live / YouTube

Boriska Kipriyanovich, a 21-year-old from Volgograd, has been called an "Indigo Child" by his parents, who claim he has exhibited special powers from a young age. Boriska's mother describes him as a "genius" who learned things much faster than the average child, claiming he could read when he was just two months old.

Boriska as a child.Boriska / Facebook

“No one has ever taught him," she said. "Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems and other civilizations."

As he grew older, Boriska's parents say he started to make strange claims about life in outer space, before revealing he was born on Mars.

Scientists still debate whether life could exist on the red planet.NASA

The Russian man claims that he was born on the red planet and lived there before being "re-born" on Earth in 1996. He also claims to have lived a past life in Lemuria (better known as Atlantis). In a video that went viral in his native country, Boriska describes his life in outer space and his first visit to Earth.

He also makes some surprising claims about one of ancient Egypt's most famous monuments...

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