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Man Gets Hilarious Revenge On His Snoring Dog

Sometimes the best way to cure someone's bad habit is to show them how things really are.

That's the approach this man takes with his rather small dog who can't help but snore really loud. Snoring is a very complicated problem that can be hard to fix. You could try hypnosis, or a special pillow. or a doggy-sized sleep apnea mask, but there's no guarantee these expensive fixes will work.

Instead, Tal Solomon decided to get even with his dog, using a recording of the dog's own snores to add a little poetic justice to the situation. Watch how his plan unfolded below:

Okay, sure, this prank didn't solve anyone's problems, but sometimes it's important to have fun with your pet's little imperfections. If a dog snores, it'll snore forever, so at least Solomon got to settle the score once.

Maybe if the video gets enough views this dog's owner can buy this little fella one of these, so they can both get a good night's rest.

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