Man Is Sending Out Warnings After Being Partially Blinded By The Last Solar Eclipse

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As the excitement about the upcoming Great American Eclipse increases, one man who experienced a partial solar eclipse 55 years ago wants us to stop and think about the consequences of looking at the rare phenomenon with our naked eyes.

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Back in 1962, Lou Tomososki and his friend, Roger Duval, were making their way home from school when they decided to stop and watch the partial solar eclipse. After weeks of anticipation, the then-teenagers were just excited about witnessing the event and didn't think to wear any eye protection. Now, over 5 decades later, Tomososki is still paying the price.

The 70-year-old Oregon City man recalls looking at the sun for only a few seconds as the moon slid over its surface, but that was just enough time for his eyes to sustain some serious damage for the rest of his life.

Tomososki remembers both him and his friend seeing flashes of light, similar to a camera flash, but didn't think much of it until later.

“We both got burned at the same time,” Tomososki told TODAY. “He got the left eye and I got the right eye.”

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