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They Were Under Attack, But He Left Her Behind

Well...that's one way to ruin a relationship.

A couple in Zimbabwe were just enjoying some time to themselves, alone in a private pool. All of a sudden, A NILE CROCODILE SHOWS UP.

The crocodile either was hungry or just wanted to do couple laps. But from the result of him entering the pool, it seems like it was the former.

The crocodile begins attacking the couple and before you know it, the man just bolts out of the pool. Which like, is fair I guess. But also...WHAT ABOUT YOUR WIFE?

Luckily the woman survived with just minor bite injuries (is there such a thing?) She's also lucky that random stranger jumped down to help her!

Unluckily for the husband...his wife survived after he left her to be eaten by a crocodile.

No word yet on when the divorce hearing will take place.

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