Man Risks His Own Safety To Save Animal In Need

An Australian man has become an overnight hero after video surfaced of him rescuing a kangaroo that had gotten stuck upside down in a cattle grate.

YouTube user, nevertobereleased, was taking a morning hike when he saw two legs sticking out from the cattle grate.

The hero was with his kids when he stumbled across the kangaroo, and decided he had to do something to save it. It's fascinating to watch. The man grabs hold of the kangaroo's legs but the poor animal is wedged right in.

As the man is helping the animal, you can hear him warning his kids to stand back. Kangaroos are known for their strong kicks, and he was unsure of how it would react after being stuck and then yanked from the ground. The kagaroo is finally wiggled free and he hops back in to the wild, as if nothing ever happened.

Check out the whole video here:

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