Man Raises $10,000 For Single Mom With Cancer He Only Met Once

Matthew Stevens took a 20 minute ride in a Lyft car service and left a changed man.

Stevens had just ended things with a guy he was seeing and felt very down on himself. He ordered a Lyft to take him to a bar to meet some friends and feel better.

"I ordered the car and I saw it was a yellow pick-up-truck," Stevens told PEOPLE. "I wanted to cancel it, but something told me not to." He noticed that in order to get in the backseat (where he normally sits) he had to climb through the front door. Instead of being rude, Stevens chose to sit in the front even though he didn't feel like chatting.

Stevens and his driver, Lupe, were making small talk when the subject of dating came up. He asked her if she was seeing anyone and Lupe responded that she hadn't dated anyone in 15 years.

"She said that her 15-year old son had autism and that she spent her nights working so she could be with him during the day," Stevens said. "My half-brother has autism and it made me feel so bad because my mom doesn't have to go through what she does."

Lupe continued to talk lovingly about her son and how she had taught him how to make his own meals and do his own laundry.

""it really comes in handy because I was recently diagnosed with cancer, so when I'm away undergoing treatments, I know he's okay on his own," Stevens recalls her saying.

He was in awe at her strength and optimism. Stevens said he got a reality check when he hears this woman talking about dedicating her life to helping her son. Here he was, complaining about a guy who won't matter in a month, while Lupe was out doing everything she could to provide.

Matthew Stevens decided to start a GoFundMe page to surprise Lupe with a check. " I tried thinking of how could I help Lupe and her son in a bigger way. Cancer treatments, her son's college tuition, or even just money so she could relax a little and enjoy life with her son. Whatever it is that she needs, I wanted to help. I can't imagine how exorbitant her medical bills are. So my goal is to raise this money for her within 30 days."

Stevens has been in touch with the Lyft company and they have agreed to put him in contact with Lupe once he has hit his goal.

With all the bad things happening in the world, it's so lovely to see someone willing to go above and beyond for someone he only knew for 20 minutes!

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