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Man In Red Suit Rescues Deer On Frozen Pond

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Benjamin O’Keefe/L4262 Sunriver Professional Firefighters

The Oregon fire department gave old Kris Kringle a run for his money, when a firefighter went to save a deer trapped on a frozen pond.

On Dec. 8, firefighter Jeff "JJ" Johnston, who was adorned in a vibrant red suit, traveled on an equally bright red ice rescue sled to bring the shaken animal to safety.

The deer had been unable to stand on the slippery ice, falling every time it tried to raise its front front legs.

Johnston was able to coax the deer in front of the sled, so he could push them both to dry land, and after a few extra nudges and some pets of reassurance, the deer was free to gallop away.

While Johnston said he was delighted to rescue the deer, the adventure took its toll on the animal.

"I think he was a little tired, or sore," Johnston told news station KTVZ.

Recorded by Benjamin O’Keefe, a captain in the fire department of the resort and residential community, the footage has quickly become viral.

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