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Man Thinks He's Rescued A Litter Of Newborn Puppies, But He's In For A Surprise

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Let me give you a scenario: You're out for a walk and you hear a sound. When you go to investigate, you find a litter of newborn abandoned puppies. What do you do?

This exact thing happened to Craig Mcgettrick and he scooped the babies up to bring them to safety.

Mcgettrick had been clearing garbage out of a garden with a coworker in England when they found the babies lodged under a mattress. He thought the newborns were either puppies or kittens, but he was wrong.

"Those were probably the only two options I knew of," Mcgettrick told the Dodo. "We thought someone had dumped them knowing we were going to remove rubbish."

Paul McDonadl

Mcgettrick collected the babies in a cardboard box and brought them to a shelter. The unsuspecting man then posted a bunch of photos on Facebook, announcing that he'd found some puppies and brought them to an animal sanctuary.

Craig Mcgettrick

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