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Man's Unusual Post-Robbery Pit Stop Has Everyone Wondering What He Was Thinking

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Not that it would ever happen, but if I robbed a bank you can bet I'd be getting the hell outta Dodge. A car would be waiting, fake ID in place, and no looking back.

But apparently not everyone has the same idea as me. Just ask Samuel Jevon Reaves, who was caught red (and greasy) handed after robbing a local bank.

Reaves, 32, hit up a Wells Fargo bank in Gainseville, Florida, and stole more than $10,000. According to the Gainseville Police Department, Reaves entered the bank and told a teller he needed money. The teller asked for his debit card, to which Reaves replied, "This is a robbery. Give me all your money in the bank.” The teller obliged, Reaves thanked her, and then he left.

But it's where cops found Samuel Jevon Reaves that really confused them.

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