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Manson Family Murderer Could Walk Free In A Matter Of Days

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Charles Manson, a psychopathic career criminal, still breeds terror in the minds of people all over the world. His Manson Family murder cult went on an unapologetic crime spree, successfully murdering many people including actress Sharon Tate.

Now, one of the murderers is walking free. So let's revisit the (extremely condensed) history of the Manson Family Murders.

Who Is Charles Manson?

Growing up, Manson already had a talent for manipulation. According to biographer Jeff Guinn, Manson was able to get into the minds of classmates, mainly girls, and convince them to attack other students he didn't like. The budding criminal never was punished for their actions, and escaped blame for many years. In 1947, a theft is what finally sent Manson to a reform school. For 20 years after that, Manson was in and out of the prison system. He was booked for many things ranging from pimping out young girls to fraudulent checks.

Manson was deemed illiterate throughout his schooling, and a caseworker deemed him "aggressively anti-social." Many times after his arrest, he was subjected to psychiatric evaluation.

While in a federal reformatory after his first arrest, Manson was heralded with good work ethic and became a model resident. He raised his grades and eventually earned parole in 1954.

Manson moved in with his mother, which broke his parole conditions, and eventually met his future wife Rosalie Jean Willis. The two lived a happy life, with Manson supporting their family through small crime and auto theft.

Rosalie became pregnant, and the two headed to Los Angeles in a stolen car. Manson was charged with a federal crime, as crossing state lines with a stolen vehicle is a serious offense.

Manson went to prison, and Rosalie gave birth while he was incarcerated. After some time, Rosalie stopped visiting her husband in prison. Many believed this is what prompted Manson to begin his prostitution ring after being released from prison.

It was many more years of federal crime before Manson was released from prison for the final time in 1967.

But his previous criminal record would be nothing compared to what he was about to rack up.

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