Marine Surprises Mom After Being Away For Over A Year

There's no shortage of videos showing special reunions between service members and their families, but this one is really great.

For more than a year, A.J. Hart had been kept away from his family and his home in Natick, Massachusetts. Hart, a Marine, was completing boot camp and weapons training in other states. His mother Paula didn't think he would be home for the holidays, which is how A.J. managed to pull off this touching surprise.

Hart manages to catch his mother completely unawares while she was at her job. This all happened on November 30th, so Paula was not only glad to see her son again, but also happy that they would be together throughout the holiday season.

You can hear the excitement in her voice in this video:

What a heart-warming moment! With all the hard work they do protecting us, it's always nice to see the troops share a pleasant moment like this with their families.

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