Most Hated Man In America Is Headed Back To Jail For His Comments On Hillary Clinton

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Richard Drew/AP

One of the most hated men in America is about to get exactly what he deserves.

Martin Shrkeli, the former CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, gained notoriety after he raised the price of a crucial AIDS drug that his company sold, by 5000%. Though that act in itself is not illegal, it's easily one of the biggest douchebag moves that a human being can make, making life saving medicine un-affordable to everyone but the super-rich. His ridiculous behavior earned him a nickname more appropriate for the cast of Animal House, than a CEO, "Pharma Bro."

CBS News

Shkreli was out on bail after being convicted of three counts of securities fraud this past August. I am happy to say that his bail has been revoked, and he is going to spend the remainder of his time while he awaits sentencing, locked up. He faces up to 20 years in prison if given the maximum sentence.

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