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Now We Know What Thor Was Up To During Civil War And It Is Wonderful

Thor was noticeably MIA in Captain America: Civil War, even though almost every other Avenger was present and accounted for. Thor and Hulk were the only two absent from the grudge match between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. We had last seen Thor take off at the end of Age of Ultron going to take care of the visions he had, but he didn't reappear when his friends had their free for all fight at the airport. Hulk also was missing, after flying off in one of the Shield planes. Fear not, Marvel has finally answered all the questions all the fans had about the God of Thunder and the "Green Rage Monster" in a short that is going to be released with Civil War on Blu-ray.

We find Thor hanging out in Australia  with his new buddy Darryl Jacobson. Not a super hero, just a regular guy who happens to be the one who gets to live with the god. We get to see just what Thor has been doing, and more importantly wearing. Sporting swim shorts at one point and then also wearing his full battle gear which really stands out while he visits Darryl at work to write his "electronic letters". The short film really highlights Chris Hemsworth's comedic skills and lets Thor be a little bit more of a goof than he usually is.


What else did Thor get up to while he was waiting by the phone? When he wasn't busy volunteering his time with kids and he spent a lot of time working on his wall of information.

The wall is his attempts to figure out what the infinity stones are and why they are important to him. And most importantly Who is the purple man in the floating chair?

How nice of him to make a little nest for his trusty hammer. This video has already spread like wildfire across the internet, and has already led to some adorable fan art.

So thank you Marvel for this precious treat of silliness, after all the feelings that Civil War gave us. This is a nice little palette cleanser before we jump back in with Doctor Strange in November.  


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