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Matt Lauer Texted Hoda Kotb "Congratulations" After She Replaced Him As Co-Host

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NBC News

The dismissal of Matt Lauer from NBC's Today Show for sexual misconduct was one of the most dramatic revelations of 2017, and the world is still reeling as more details emerge of his shocking behavior.

Audiences were in disbelief when Lauer was let go, as his former co-anchor Samantha Guthrie announced the news on the show. They had been hosting together for five years, Lauer had then been a ten-year veteran of the program.

"This is a sad morning at 'Today' and NBC News," Guthrie said. "As I'm sure you can understand, we are devastated."

This was followed by the wildly popular decision to replace the empty slot with Hoda Kotb, where she co-hosted Today's fourth hour with Katie Lee Gifford.

Kobt was excited to take over the role and the network acknowledged how easy it was for her to fill the void and become part of the Today's Show's first on-air female duo.

However, they weren't the only ones with some thoughts on her new position. Kotb revealed that she has received several text messages from Lauer since she took on his old job.

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