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McDonald's Gave This 100-Year-Old Customer A Special Birthday Surprise

There's nothing sweeter than getting a birthday surprise from someone special in your life.

For Nadine Baum, who turned 100 in October, those special people were the staff at the McDonald's where she eats lunch almost every day near her home in Hanover, Pennsylvania.

Baum blows out the candles on her 100th birthday cake.Shane Dunlap, The Evening Sun.

Baum and her son Mike had eaten at McDonald's every day for years, but lately her painful arthritis and the walker she uses to get around meant they had to visit less often. Still, all of the employees know her by name and always look forward to seeing her. Knowing that Baum visits every year for her birthday, the restaurant's General Manager Sean Patterson and the rest of the employees arranged a special birthday surprise for Nadine's 100th birthday.

When Baum arrived she saw the restaurant had been decorated with balloons and flowers. The staff had purchased a cake and card for her, and arranged for another very special surprise: a card guaranteeing Nadine a lifetime's supply of free McDonald's.

Baum gets a hug from McDonald's employee Ginny SlaubaughShane Dunlap, The Evening Sun.

Baum, who celebrated with a Big Mac and a slice of cake, was overjoyed by the employees' generosity.

"I don't know what I did to deserve all this," she said, "I count my blessings every day."

The McDonald's employees were glad they managed to lift Nadine's spirits. Ginny Slaubaugh, who calls Baum "Mom", told her she was glad that Baum could eat free for the rest of her life because "Now we can see you every day!"

Baum says she plans to visit as much as possible from now on, eating three meals a day at the store - if she can - and enjoying lots of McCafe Mocha Frappes with whipped cream, which Patterson credits with keeping her young.

Here's hoping Baum will be eating Big Macs for years to come!

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