McDonald's Is Making Their Famous Fries Even Better

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McDonald's is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. For me, I have no shame in my McDonald's love, especially their fries.

Did you know that the original McDonald's menu didn't actually have french fries on the menu? It wasn't until 1948 that they were added to the menu. It's a good thing they were, too, because the restaurant now sells 9 million pounds of fries daily around the world. To this day, more than 4 trillion fries have been sold. Half of those were eaten by me, probably.

McDonald's is constantly evolving when it comes to the product they provide. Keeping up with the competition is always important, and The Golden Arches have always been up to the task.

Recently, McDonald's introduced a new topping to their menu, guacamole. Their fast food competitor Chipotle also offer guac as a topping, but it's an extra cost. McDonald's, however, will not be charging for the condiment.

Now, McDonald's is changing things up with their signature french fries. They already have poutine, but this new menu item seems to take the cake.

Keep reading to find out what the new french fry item is!

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