McDonald's Is Selling the McPizza Again, Here's How You Can Get It Now

If there is one retired McDonald's menu item you would like to get your hands on, what would it be?

For kids that grew up in the '80s and '90s, you will remember McDonald's pizza being a fixture on the menu.

It hasn't been available since the late '90s because of their 11-minute cooking time, which went against the company's "fast food" philosophy.

Well today, the McPizza is still available at 2 McDonald's locations and people are travelling from all around the country (and Canada) to get their hands on it.

One restaurant in Pomeroy, Ohio and another in Spencer, West Virginia, are still serving up this little slice of heaven.

It even comes complete with the Neon sign!

Just getting some #mcpizza nbd.

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These 3 guys traveled almost 500 miles to get their hands on this much loved menu item.

What could be better than pizza and shakes?

Some people are really starting to feel their age, when they think of the last time they were able to eat a McPizza. One Instagram user comments, "Today was a good day had McDonald pizza for the first time in almost 20 years which also means I'm very old ..."

Relive a little more of the nostalgia with this video:

How far would you travel for a McPizza?

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