McDonald's Robbery In France Was Stopped In The Most Epic Way Possible

Two armed men walked into a McDonald's in France with the intention of robbing the place and making a quick escape. What they didn't know was that among the 40 people eating fast food that night, were 11 highly trained members of the French paramilitary special forces.

According to the The Telegraph, the robbers burst into the restaurant, fired their weapons and pulled cash out of the register.

The elite soldiers hung back quietly and waited.

The Associated Press reports that one robber rushed for the door with about $2,000 in hand when he tripped and fell.

That's when the members of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) leapt into action.

They disarmed the fallen thief and turned to deal with his partner. When the man refused to lower his weapon, the officers shot him in the stomach.

Thanks to these special soldiers, no other people were harmed and the robbery suspects were taken to the hospital.

These elite gendarmes specialize in counter-terrorism, cracking organized crime, hostage rescue, and protecting government officials.

It was lucky for the innocent bystanders that these 11 special forces soldiers were eating there with them!

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