Meet Chris P. Bacon, The Adorable Piglet In A Wheelchair Who Became An Internet Sensation

When Chris P. Bacon was born, he had deformed legs. He was brought to the vet to be euthanized, but the gentle doctor couldn't do it. Instead, he brought little Chris home and built a miniature harness on wheels with his son's toys.

He became Chris P. Bacon, the bionic piglet who captured the hearts of Youtube, news anchors and the nation. Soon after, two children's books were published that told the tales of the little piggy's adventures: How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon, Whoo-Hoo Chris P. Is Two and Chris P. Bacon, My Life So Far.

The little piglet that could is all grown up now and wheeling around in a much larger chair designed for dogs. But, to us, he'll always be this adorable little squealer:

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