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Meet the Monkey Who Must Not Be Named

The Paignton Zoo in Devon had a surprising "guest star" as they delivered a monkey via c-section. The baby monkey looked just like Lord Voldemort, the villain from the Harry Potter franchise as he was being born. He looks exactly like the gruesome horcrux from the final installment of the series during his delivery, and once his hair grows in he still bears a shocking resemblance to the adult villain. The c-section is not usually performed on monkeys, but after the mother, Ivy, had reached her due date and was inactive for two days, they realized that something was wrong. After several more hours and no baby, the staff decided that the c-section would be the only way to save the life of both the mother and the baby.

A Baby Voldemort is BornSWNS

This is only the third c-section done in the last 16 years at the Paignton Zoo, and the first that the staff surgeon ever completed on a primate. Both mom and baby came out of surgery just fine, but the little baby still looks like the Dark Lord.

Not quite unicorn's blood, but it'll do right? Richard Austin

This isn't the first time an animal has a celebrity counterpart. There are a lot of animals out there who make it seem like a parallel universe has animal versions of everyone. Here are just a few of the large collection that has been found.

Another Monkey with a Celebrity Look-A-Like

Even Politicians aren't spared from having an animal version of themselves.

Seems like Snoop Dogg has more than one doppleganger

It's lucky that the team was able to intervene with Ivy in enough time to save both her and the baby. The veterinarian responsible for the delivery was a little worried about when the appropriate time to step in would be. She said, "The hardest bit in these circumstances is knowing when to intervene and when to leave the mum alone to give birth naturally." Their excellent judgement and timing have created a wonderful new little monkey who weighs 567g that is safe and living in a mobile incubator. It isn't specified what they have decided to name him, but if they don't go with Voldemort, Tom Riddle or some variant of that they are missing out on an opportunity!

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