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Melania Trump Agrees The Election Is Rigged Against Her Husband

Melania Trump sat down with Anderson Cooper to have a one-on-one about her husband, Donald Trump.

Of course, Trump has been making headlines due to all his antics, including his inappropriate comments (and actions) towards women and his current belief that the upcoming election is rigged. It's no surprise he's almost self-destructing, with all his conspiracy theories and attack campaigns it must get pretty exhausting.

Trump's 3rd wife, Melania, decided to speak out against all her husband's critics. She clearly has had enough of him being thrown under the bus for every little thing.

In the interview, Anderson Cooper asks Melania about the 'Access Hollywood' tape that contained her husband making extremely inappropriate comments towards women. Mr Trump claims he forces himself on women because he's "a star and can get away with it." Melania said she did not agree with the words on the tape, but she believes it was host, Billy Bush, who was egging him on.

Though Melania told her husband the words were inappropriate, she doesn't believe it counts as sexual assault. He apologized for the incident and she accepts that. She believes that was a different man on that tape. According to her, sometimes she "feels she has two boys at home, her young son and her husband," but her husband is kind and gentle and just tells it like it is. But that doesn't mean the comments are sexual assault. She says many women inappropriately approach her husband to give their phone numbers.

Melania says she wasn't surprised the tape came out, however. She says the media purposefully released the video as an attack against her husband. Both Melania and her husband believe the election is being rigged against the GOP due to their left-wing beliefs. Melania believes the media is trying to influence people how to vote because they don't want to talk about the 'real' issues, like Hillary Clinton's email, WikiLeaks, or Benghazi.

Anderson Cooper also brought up Michelle Obama, and how the First Lady defended the women who are accusing Mr. Trump of sexual assault. Michelle Obama spoke about "that feeling of terror and violation that too many women have felt when someone has grabbed them or forced themselves on them and they said no, but he didn't listen." Obama wasn't speaking specifically about Trump, but Melania took offense.

But Melania would like to make it clear: she is not a weak person. She chooses to be at home with her son, it's not because she's forced to. Melania says she's a strong woman and people don't really know her. She suggests people take a look in the mirror and take care of their own families before commenting on her life, knowing nothing about it.

You can check out the full interview here. It really is something to behold. It's the first time we've seen Melania speak out on her own terms.

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