Melania Trump Reveals Her Religious Beliefs During Visit With Pope Francis

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After photos surfaced of U.S. president Donald Trump's audience with Pope Francis, we all weren't sure why Ivanka and Melania were both dressed in conservative black dresses. There were also a lot of comments about Pope Francis' serious expressions while being photographed with the president.

But one of the most interesting revelations about the papal audience was the first lady's religious beliefs.    

Since Melania Trump introduced her husband with the Lord's Prayer during a Florida presidential rally, speculation has swirled about her stance on religion. We already know that president Donald Trump is Christian and the pair wed in a Florida Episcopal church.

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Before the historical visit to Rome, Melania expressed eagerness for the visit, and now we know why. Through her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, the first lady revealed that she is a Catholic. While Melania's faith makes the Trumps' visit to Rome even more significant, it also makes her the first Catholic since JFK and Jackie Kennedy to reside in the White House.

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During their audience with Pope Francis, Melania asked the pontiff to bless a rosary, further confirming her Catholic faith. After the visit, the first lady tweeted about her experience, saying "Today's visit with His Holiness Pope Francis @Pontifex is one I'll never forget. I was humbled by the honor. Blessings to all."

Watch the video of the Trumps' visit with Pope Francis here:

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