Melanie Griffith Breaks Her Silence On Epilepsy Diagnosis

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Many of our favorite celebrities may appear perfect on the outside, but there's a surprising number of them that battle chronic illnesses.

Some of them suffer from lesser known conditions that have been getting more attention in recent years, thanks to the awareness that is raised when a celebrity discloses their illness.

Over the last several months, we've seen Lady Gaga open up about struggling with fibromyalgia, Frankie Muniz address his memory loss due to transient ischemic attacks, and Selena Gomez talk about the severity of Lupus.

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Now, another A-list star has decided to speak out about a serious health diagnosis that she kept hidden for years.


Actress Melanie Griffith revealed that she has been diagnosed with epilepsy and opened up about dealing with the condition during an event that took place last week in Beverly Hills, California.

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