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Paw-sitively Amazing - Mewgaroo Hoodie Takes Cuddling Pets To The Next Level

Animal owners rejoice! There is a product that lets you pamper those fur-babies just a little bit more than you thought possible. You know how your cat or small dog somehow always ends up on your lap? They like to be cozy so obviously the warmest, most comfortable place to be is using you as a pillow. Now, with the Mewgaroo Sweatshirt, you can tuck your little buddy into a pouch just like a kangaroo.

They have even released a new larger size for the more robust cats that will fit a 15 pound pet in the pouch. Twice the size of the original! So you have room for your big cat, OR my thought was two small cats.

The sweater has little cat ears and details on the sleeves because apparently having a pet in your front pocket wasn't cute enough!

It isn't just for your cats though, there are many small dogs who would LOVE to cuddle up in there.

No matter what kind of pet you want to snuggle with, the Mewgaroo is the sweater for you!

So if you want the most adorable sweater ever to help your cat, dog, ferret or whatever pet you choose stay cozy while you cuddle, check out the Mewgaroo. It is available in Japan through UnHabitat or you can order it online here.

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