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Michael Phelps Bursts Out Laughing on the Gold Medal Podium

Michael Phelps made history after winning the 200m-butterfly race and 800m relay events. He holds the record for the most Olympic medals with his count up to 25, 21 of which are gold (another record). As he stood on the podium receiving his first gold medal of the night, Phelps noticeably burst into a fit of laughter. Many people wondered what he could possibly be laughing at, but Phelps cleared up the whole situation, saying this to NBC:

"My boys from Baltimore were down on the other end, and back in Maryland, we all say "O!" for the Orioles during that part of the National Anthem. And all of the sudden I hear them roar "O!" and I knew exactly where I came from, and I just lost it because those guys came down from Baltimore and New York City to be here, and it's just special to see those guys in the stands."

Imagine the joy he must have felt. Phelps had his infant son, Boomer, and his fianceƩ, Nicole Johnson, in the crowd cheering him on. Pair that with a group of hometown friends and it's no wonder Phelps couldn't contain himself. What an amazing night for an amazing athlete.

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