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Gold Medal Dad, Michael Phelps, Soaks Up Every Moment With His Baby Boy

Michael Phelps can't get enough time with his baby son, Boomer Robert Phelps.

We can definitely see why - just look at the expression on his little face!

Phelps posted this adorable picture of him and Boomer chillin' in bed, neither one of them wants to get up.

But honestly, look at that adorable little boy - what new parent wouldn't want to snuggle with this sweet guy?

Hundreds of Moms commented on the photo, encouraging Phelps to stay put with his baby - the moments go by so fast.

Some Dads got in on the action - replying with their own advice : savor these experiences with your kids.

Being a first-time parent can be overwhelming, surprising and amazing. As America's multi-gold medalist is realizing, parenting can be pretty incredible too, just look at the wonder on his face in these Instagram pics of him and Boomer:

Plus there's this photo, he totally loves his baby boy!

Enjoy every second Michael! That precious baby will change your life more than all of those Olympic medals combined!

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