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"Mikey" Still Likes It After All These Years, See What He Looks Like Now

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Do you remember flicking on the TV to see a young John Gilchrist have bowl of Life cereal pushed in front of him, as his brothers stare surprisingly at him while he eats it?

If you're over 40, and grew up in a family with a fussy eater, you remember someone pointing out that, "Mikey likes it!".

Gilchrist played a finicky 5 year-old who hated everything, but loved Quaker's Life cereal when his older brothers passed it to him.

"Those are my brothers, so I probably thought as a 3 1/2-year-old kid, I'm just sitting at the family kitchen table," Gilchrist said.

This commercial ended up being one of the longest continuously running commercials ever to air. The iconic ad ended up running for 12 years.

Oddly enough that line was never uttered in the ad. When little Mikey who usually "hates everything" starts to eat the cereal his older brother actually says "He likes it! Hey Mikey!"

Regardless, "Mikey" didn't have any lines in the commercial at all, yet 41 years after shooting the commercial in October 1971, the actor still finds himself talking about it.

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