Mini Cow Saved From Slaughter Falls In Love With a Dog

When Janice Wolf, the founder of a Rocky Ridge Refuge, attended a livestock auction with a friend, they changed the life of a miniature cow named Moonpie.

"She was a mini, and you don’t see a lot of those go through the local auctions,” Janice told The Dodo.

Moonpie was a young milk-dependent baby, so Janice couldn't keep her outside with the other rescue cows at the refuge.

Rocky Ridge Refuge

“I don’t have a lot of room here, and it was cold and rainy, and that wasn’t good for a little calf,” Janice explained. “All my heated buildings were occupied with other critters, so that’s how she ended up in my bedroom. I figured it would just be for a few days, but the weather just kept going whacky, so she’s been in there for the last six weeks.”

Rocky Ridge Refuge

Inside the house, Moonpie spent her time with 12 dogs who lived there. While they all got along well, it was a deaf white bull terrior named Spackle who really grew fond of the new addition.

Rocky Ridge Refuge

“Spackle loves babies, and immediately became her protector and buddy. She wouldn’t leave that calf’s side. They instantly bonded,” said Janice.

Rocky Ridge Refuge

She has even learned how to go outside to use the bathroom like the dogs do.

Rocky Ridge Refuge

“At first she wasn’t sure what to think, and then she just like, ‘OK, a bigger dog,’” Wolf said. “But they started hanging together, too. She now knows she’s a cow, I think.”

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