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Small World, Big Picture - Minimiam Food Photography Shows Us What's Too Small To See

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Most gourmets go with a cooking show or champion a foodie Instagram account, but not this pair. Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle are two talented photographers who wanted to bring something extra special to the food world. So they created Minimiam, which is Japanese for "Mini Yum," which is a playful form of photography using food and miniature human figurines.

"Who has not dreamt of diving into a chocolate mousse, or skating on whipped cream! Akiko and Pierre have created a miniature world of gourmandise, the Minimiam," the website says. "Relive your childhood emotions and smell, taste the photographic adventures that come alive on your plate."

The photos are mind-bending; it really makes you think what it would be like to live and work in a world made of your favorite foods. How does that sound?



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