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Miracle Boy 'Rose From The Dead' Moments Before Doctors Switch Off Life Support

Three-year-old Dylan Askin from South Derbys, UK fought long and hard against a rare form of lung cancer that forms cysts in the lungs.

Last Christmas Day, the little boy's lungs collapsed and he was rushed to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK.

As the young boy's condition worsened, he was eventually put on life support and sedated. Everything was done to save his life, but the little boy's condition did not improve.

"He was clearly suffering and his oxygen levels had plummeted" said Dylan's mother, Kerry. "It seemed like a miracle he had survived that long, his CT scans from January when his lungs first collapsed showed he shouldn't have lived through that."

L-R: Kerry Askin, Dylan Askin and Mike AskinDave Evitts/

On April 3, doctors advised his heartbroken parents to say their goodbyes and remove him from life support.

The couple baptized their little boy and said their final farewell, then doctors prepared to turn off the machine. As they shut down the machine that controlled his muscle sedatives, Dylan's legs began to move.

"...when they did that suddenly he started struggling in his bed," Kerry told The Telegraph, "we thought he was brain dead from oxygen starvation, so he shouldn't have been moving."

Doctors confirmed with blood tests that this miracle boy's organs were actually not failing and that his brain was not starved of oxygen.

Amazingly, he recovered so quickly that he was discharged the next day!

This miracle boy has amazed everyone with his incredible recovery. When his mother and father told Dylan's brothers, (Bryce, six, and Logan, four months) about his miraculous recovery, the oldest replied as only a child could:

"We had told Bryce that Dylan wasn't coming back, so when we explained that he had got better Dylan said: 'Oh, so he's like Jesus then.'

"I said, 'you're not wrong'. He had just risen from the dead."

Now the family is all together again, enjoying life and closely monitoring Dylan's oxygen levels. Although they're wary of what winter might bring and careful to avoid infection, they're thrilled to have him home again.

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